17th edition of FICCI HEAL

FICCI, India’s apex industry chamber, has been organising its annual healthcare conference, FICCI HEAL since 2007 supported by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and NITI Aayog, Government of India. Over the years, this has evolved as a landmark event and a credible platform for health industry stakeholders for sharing knowledge and best practices. The 17th edition of FICCI HEAL is scheduled from October 26-27, 2023 at FICCI Federation House, New Delhi. The central theme of the conference is ‘Healthcare METAmorphosis’.

India's healthcare system has experienced a profound metamorphosis, witnessing remarkable advancements and transformations in recent years. From a modest healthcare infrastructure to becoming a beacon of medical advancements, India has made significant strides in improving healthcare access, quality, and affordability. The transformation is visible in multiple dimensions- establishment of state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics, emerging innovative healthcare delivery models, surge in medical research and development, comprehensive policy reforms, technological advancements and widespread adoption of telemedicine and digital health solutions including metaverse. This ongoing metamorphosis reflects India's dedication to improving the healthcare ecosystem that will help position itself as a global leader in the healthcare domain.

Despite these achievements, challenges persist. Healthcare infrastructure gaps, regional disparities, and the need to enhance healthcare affordability for all segments of society are ongoing priorities and require continued attention. FICCI HEAL 2023 will be an endeavor to converge all stakeholders- national and international, and provide a forum for sharing of learnings and experiences as well as deliberate on the strategies and opportunities for future healthcare metamorphosis.